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Late last year, over Friday afternoon drinks, I found myself engaged in a fascinating discussion with our organisational psychologist. The topic, predictive validity and unconscious recruitment bias – yes, I’m a nerd. During the conversation, my colleague enthusiastically suggested that blind interviewing, such as behavioural phone-based interviews, was one technique to achieve a more objective […]


I’m often approached by HR practitioners considering the switch across to consulting. With that often comes the question ‘what makes a good consultant?’ Whilst there is no exact formula to this question, some of the key characterises I’ve witnessed from great consultants over the years include: Flexibility Great consultants can go into a new environment, […]

Employee Retention

‘She was excellent!’ I proclaimed, directly followed by vigorous nods and a chorus of agreement from the rest of the interview panel. Excited that we had found a ‘gem’, we spent the next ten minutes reinforcing our belief by offering impressive samples of the interview answers we had just received. Let’s take references ASAP I […]


What is adverse action? Adverse action is action taken by an employer that is unlawful if it is taken for particular reasons. Employees cannot be harmed in any way at work because they have exercised a workplace right or engaged in industrial activity. The Fair Work Act 2009 describes the type of harm meant by […]


Annual appraisals exist for a reason. They ensure staff have clear and achievable goals and that barriers to performance are removed. Do them right and you have a happy and productive team, but get them wrong, and they become a stressful and laborious waste of time that only lead to resentment within the business. Nicholas […]

Human Resources Consultant

Chronic stress activates the fight-or-flight response, which is known to reduce immune-system functioning and contributes to a majority of illnesses. Learning to increase the relaxation response balances the mind and body, resulting in a healthier, happier person. Some good ways to manage stress and cope with daily hassles include: Learn to be aware of your […]

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With the end of the calendar year fast approaching, many of us will be feeling the strain of what could have conceivably been a frantic, stressful 2015. Actively working on and developing resilience skills is a key ingredient to feeling happier and more satisfied, to be more engaged with life, have higher hopes, and even laugh and […]


The Culture Question Changing organisational culture can be one of the most challenging tasks for an organisation to take on. Organisational culture is formed over years of interaction between the participants and slowly but surely, behaviours are born and integrated into the day-to-day operations of the organisation. When people in an organisation realise and recognise […]

Human Resources, cover letter for resume or job application.

  If you don’t get the cover letter right, chances are no one will read your fabulous resume. Cover letters are a disputed issues among hirers. Some reckon they are a waste of time and go straight to the resume. But most work the other way round and read the cover letter before deciding whether […]

Human Resources

Take a moment and consider the cost implications of hiring an HR employee. Obviously there is the base salary, but have you worked out the associated costs of that employee? Hypothetically speaking, if you employee an HR Manager for $90,000 p/a base salary, that employee could end up costing you up to 1.4 times more […]


There’s no better time of year than now to plan the year ahead. Natasha Shaw shares how you and your team can plan a kick-off meeting for 2015. “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” These are the wise words of American industrialist Henry Ford—they hold true for every […]