Coaching is a collaborative relationship that helps employees to identify and eliminate any barriers that prevent them from reaching their full potential. Our coaching encourages a systematic solution-focused process of setting goals, taking action to ensure sustainable behavioural change, and reflecting on new understandings, desired organisational results and long-term potential.

Our solution-focused approach to coaching has helped organisations to attract, retain and develop key talent, as well as contributed to organisational effectiveness and growth.

Liquid HR has developed a range of coaching solutions that are tailored to the specific requirements of the client. These include:

  • individual coaching
  • group or team coaching
  • coach training.

Leadership Development

Liquid HR’s integrated approach to leadership development starts with identifying behaviours and skills that will lead to effective leadership in an organisation. This is followed by an individual assessment of relevant technical skills, commercial experience, behavioural attributes, motivation and career fit elements that underpin effective performance in an organisation’s leadership roles. Finally, development plans combined with coaching will be implemented to close any apparent leadership gaps.

Identifying High Performers

Identifying and nurturing key talent is critical to workforce planning and long-term organisational performance.

Liquid HR’s structured approach to identifying, engaging and developing talent can help organisations motivate and retain employees that have the potential and desire to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Robust assessment of relevant technical skills, commercial experience, behavioural attributes, motivation and career fit are considered when developing a development plan for each individual.

360 Degree Survey

Our 360-degree survey feedback allows employees to receive feedback from their managers, peers, colleagues and direct reports.

The GeneSys 360 provides a complete easy-to-use online system, which allows Liquid HR to send employees automated invites and reminders to complete their appraisals.

Once all appraisals are completed, the data is collated and detailed reports are generated. Interpretation of the results and recommendations for action are then delivered by a Liquid HR consultant.



A perpetual and holistic approach to performance management,by working together to plan, monitor and review an employee’s work objectives, and overall contribution to the organisation can provide an empowering and supportive environment.

It also allows an organisation to maintain a constant focus on quality, standards and continuous improvement.



Career Management – More than ever, organisations are understanding the importance of actively facilitating their employee’s career management ambitions.

Leadership Development – Liquid HR’s integrated approach to leadership development starts with identifying behaviours and skills that will lead to effective leadership performance in an organisation.



Outplacement – effective outplacement services help the individual accommodate enforced and unwanted change and move forward quickly.

We’re experienced at working with the anger, low motivation, confidence and the sense of loss that often accompanies job loss. We help people move on. A flexible framework cates to individual needs rather than shoe-horning the person into a rigid program.



Psychometric testing can be a valuable component of the recruitment process and is a proven method for delivering significant business value.

Assessment Centre – An assessment centre measures an individual’s suitability for a role by having a qualified organisational psychologist observe behaviour.

Role Profiling – Liquid HR utilises best practice competency models.


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