Free Resources to Download


Complaint and Grievance Form

Unfortunately, complaints and grievances remain common practice in Australian work environments, with potentially serious consequences. The complaint and grievance form provides a means for employees to put their complaint or grievance in writing.



Performance Management Checklist

The performance management process can be fraught with difficulties. This checklist sets out the steps necessary in a performance management situation, to collect relevant information and provide a constructive and fair process.



Staff Redundancy Checklist

Implementing redundancies is difficult and stressful for all parties involved, but its effects can be compounded if the process is handled badly. Negative publicity, legal challenges and a more prolonged business recovery period are some of the potential consequences.



Employee Retention and Succession Planning

Employee retention and succession planning PowerPoint identifies the key themes and considerations facing organisations attempting to manage this key aspect of Human Resources.


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What do our clients say?

“We have noticed a real improvement with the engagement of our staff since we started working with Liquid HR. Absenteeism has dropped and morale has improved.”

General Manager

Manufacturer - Western Sydney

“Now we are working with Liquid HR I am pleased to say we have updated all of our policies and procedures and I can sleep at night knowing everything complies with industry regulations”

Business Owner

Finance Business - Sydney

“The exit interviews that Liquid HR introduced really helped us to make some improvements that we didnt realise were needed. This has also helped us to reduce further staff loss”


Call Centre - Alexandria

“We have been using Liquid HR in an Outsourcing capacity for the a few years now. It makes good financial sense for a business of our size, we wouldnt get the same value or quality advice if we hired an internal person”

General Manager

Financial Services - Sydney

“It is fantastic to have Liquid HR available to advise us on important HR issues when we need them. They have been invaluable to our business over the last 12 months during redundancies”


Tech Company - North Sydney

“Attracting the right candidates for roles really improves the whole recruitment process. Liquid HR has really helped us to clarify our employee proposition and create job advertisements that attract better candidates”

Business Owner


“We have made the realisation since working with Liquid HR that it’s impossible to get the best out of our staff if they are not managed correctly. They have really helped us to develop our skills in this area, which has shown impressive results”

Managing Director

Technology Company - North/Western Sydney

“Finding qualified people in our industry can be a real challenge. The team at Liquid HR has really helped us to develop our internal talent which makes it much easier to fill roles and also aids with retention”

General Manager

Aged Care Provider - North Sydney