For small to medium businesses

Liquid HR’s outsourcing service has been purposely designed to address the needs of Small and Medium sized organisations of between 10 – 500 employees.

A commercially focused and effective alternative for organisations, Liquid HR is able to offer the full functionality of a human resources department without the additional headcount. We provide a scalable service adapted to our client’s needs. We support organisations that already have a human resources capability and we also partner organisations that are not quite ready to implement an internal human resources department.

Whether you are a business owner, leader or HR professional, enjoy peace of mind in knowing that Liquid HR is accountable and will manage potential people risks in your business, leaving you free to focus on your core business activities.

Outsourcing Options to Suit Your Needs

Comprehensive Human Resources Outsourcing (CHRO)

CHRO provides a cost-effective way for businesses to reduce employer-related exposures. Suitable for organisations with no existing HR employees.

A complete HR outsourcing solution that helps clients’ lower human capital costs, attract and retain quality employees, reduce employer liability and gain access to HR resources and experts that they could not afford on their own.

Integrated Human Resources Outsourcing (IHRO)

IHRO is designed for an organisation that already has an HR department but needs to reduce costs and improve HR practices throughout the organisation.

Integrated Human Resources Outsourcing (IHRO) can perform an administrative focus, strategic focus or both. Integrated HR outsourcing provides tremendous flexibility in designing a solution ranging from outsourcing just a few processes to developing a comprehensive solution.

Targeted Human Resource Outsourcing (THRO)

THRO is an excellent solution to improve in-house HR capabilities, manage HR issues and support your employees while reducing overall HR costs. THRO provides immediate assistance with specific HR projects or for operation needs when internal resources are sparse.

THRO is the ideal solution for organisations that need HR support for a limited duration or with a specific HR area/project. This solution is suitable for organisations with an existing HR team or without.

Why Work with Liquid HR?

Enhance Productivity

Drawing on its extensive human resources and experience, Liquid HR is able to deliver human resources services efficiently and effectively.

Access to Experts

Our consultants have many decades of experience in a diverse range of human resources backgrounds and skills.

Reduce Risk

Enjoy peace of mind in knowing that Liquid HR is accountable and will manage the potential people risks in your business.

Aid Growth

Fast-growing organisations can lack the human resources capacity to deliver essential business objectives. Liquid HR is an attractive solution because it can facilitate business growth.

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