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Industrial Relations in Review – March 2019

Industrial Relations in Review – March 2019

Upcoming Easter and ANZAC Day Public Holidays

With Easter and ANZAC Day falling close together in April, employers should be aware of what days are considered public holidays for the purpose of determining an employee’s right to be absent from work or paid public holiday rates where specified under the applicable award or agreement.

Below are the public holiday dates for April – please note that these vary from state to state

• Friday 19 April – Good Friday (all states)
• Saturday 20 April – Easter Saturday (excludes Tasmania and Western Australia)
• Sunday 21 April – Easter Sunday (excludes Tasmania, Western Australia, Northern Territory and South Australia)
• Monday 22 April – Easter Monday (all states)
• Tuesday 23 April – Easter Tuesday (only applies in Tasmania under certain awards and registered agreements and to the state public service)
• Thursday 25 April – ANZAC Day (all states)

Annualised Salaries for Award Covered Employees

Some awards currently contain provisions that allow employers to pay an employee an annualised salary in lieu of other entitlements (such as penalty rates and allowances). For example refer to clause 17 of the Clerks Private Sector Award 2010.

The Fair Work Commission are currently undertaking a review of annualised salary provisions in awards as part of the 4-year modern award review process. This review may see changes made to a number of awards that contain annualised salary arrangements. You can access a full copy of the decision here.

Liquid HR will continue to keep across this process and update clients as and when any changes are announced.

Statutory Declarations

Under the Fair Work Act 2009 Statutory Declarations are required to be submitted for a number of reasons, particularly in relation to:

• Enterprise Agreements
• Greenfields Agreements
• WHS Entry Permits
• Take Home Pay Orders

Amendments have been made to existing forms on the Fair Work Commission website to reflect the requirements of the new Statutory Declaration Regulations 2018. The new forms must be used from the 18th of March 2019.

The updated statutory declaration forms can be found here.

New Enterprise Agreement Guide

On the 20th of February 2019 The Fair Work Commission developed a guide to help employers and employees lodge compliant applications for enterprise agreements. The guide lists over 20 common problems and how to ensure they are avoided. A copy of the guide can be accessed here.

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