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In this section you will find a variety of HR checklists to support your HR operations and ensure all tasks are completed as per internal procedures.

Ergonomics Checklist

This ergonomics checklist is used as part of your Work, Health & Safety practices to identify areas which may need attention in relation to the setup of your employees workstation/desk. The checklist is also designed to ensure corrective action has been taken for problems identified.

Manual Handling Checklist

This checklist is used in consultation with your employee and forms part of your Work, Health & Safety practices, to identify any risks/problems for tasks that involve manual handling (repetitive or sustained postures, movements or forces) and ensures risks identified are reduced or eliminated.

Personal Protective Equipment Checklist

This checklist is used to identify the need/requirement for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for your employees, ensures PPE is allocated correctly and is appropriate for the individual wearing the PPE (ensuring fit) and tasks being performed.

WHS Induction Checklist

As an employer, you have an obligation under applicable WHS/OHS legislation to ensure all new employees are across your business WHS policies and procedures. To meet this obligation, this WHS Induction checklist ensures all relevant items are covered and a record of the induction is kept as evidence.

Workers Compensation Checklist

When a workplace injury occurs, this checklist provides steps to follow for ensuring the appropriate medical attention is provided to your employee and all required reporting obligations are completed. This checklist also provides guidance for conducting an internal investigation into the incident which resulted in the injury.

Vehicle Safety Checklist

If your employees are required to use a vehicle for work purposes (company or personal), you have an obligation under applicable WHS/OHS legislations to ensure the vehicle is safe and appropriate to be used. This vehicle checklist helps to identify any areas of concerns, allowing these to be addressed/corrected.

Onboarding Checklist

For a smooth transition for new employees and to ensure they are across company policies/procedures and have everything they need for their job, this checklist provides guidance to ensure the main items have been covered/completed. It is also a record which can be retained for future evidence if required.

Interview Checklist

This interview checklist helps to ensure you select the best candidate for your business and provides guidance on how to conduct an interview. This checklist is designed to enable an interview to be delivered in a professional manner whilst covering all information the candidate would need to know.

Recruitment Checklist

There are many requirements employers need to adhere to when recruiting new employees for their business. This recruitment checklist helps to ensure these obligations are met while also providing guidance to the steps involved with recruitment, from identifying the recruitment need to making an offer.

Redundancy Checklist

Redundacies are tricky to navigate with high risk of adverse action. This redundancy checklist provides guidance on the steps required to ensure geniune redundancies are assessed, appropriate employees have been identified for retrenchment and relevant actions required are completed (such as employee consultations, payment of entitlements).

Resignation Checklist

If your employee has submitted their resignation to terminate their employment, this resignation checklist provides guidance on the steps required to be completed (for example, payment of entitlements) and considerations you may wish to take, such as having a discussion with the employee to prevent the resignation.

Termination Checklist

If you wish to terminate your employees employment, this may be difficult to navigate with high risk of adverse action. This termination checklist provides guidance on the best steps to follow to ensure you meet your employer obligations and ensure all relevant actions required are completed.

Property Return Checklist

This property return checklist is used when an employee’s employment has been terminated and to ensure all company issued equipment that was provided to the employee at the start or during the course of their employment has been returned upon departure.

Record Keeping

Under the Fair Work Act, there are minimum record keeping requirements each employer must meet in relation to employees and employee records. This checklist outlines these requirements and may be used to ensure you have/are meeting your record keeping obligations.

Working from Home

If you have employees working from home, this checklist may be used to ensure their work space/workstation is appropriate for the work to be conducted whilst also ensuring all Work, Health & Safety measures/checks have been undertaken to ensure your employee’s wellbeing.

HR Acquisition – risk assessment

If you have acquired a business with it’s existing employees, this checklist is used prior to the acquisition to ensure all relevant information is obtained to undertake a risk assessment of the people aspect of the business. For assistance to conduct the risk assessment itself, contact Liquid HR.

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