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Modern Award wage increase – 1 November 2020

You may recall that when the Fair Work Commission handed down a wage increase of 1.75% this year, they separated the modern awards into three categories:

  • Category 1 awards – the increase came into operation on 1 July 2020
  • Category 2 awards – the increase comes into operation on 1 November 2020 
  • Category 3 awards – the increase comes into operation on 1 February 2021

The list of category 2 awards that will be increasing from 1 November 2020 by 1.75% can be accessed here. If one or more of these awards apply to your workplace you will need to ensure that you are meeting the minimum wage and associated penalties, allowances, overtime etc in the applicable award.

Unsure if an award applies to your employees? We have recorded a great webinar that explains award coverage in further detail. You can access the webinar here.

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