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Template Resources

HR Guides

In this section you will find detailed HR guides that provide you with easy to understand information on a number of HR topics. A number of the guides contain template documents that you can utilise for your business. For advice specific to your organisation, please contact Liquid HR.

Employee Well-being Support

This eBook contains an overview of employee wellbeing support options employers can offer employees.
Lockdowns, working remotely, vaccinations, isolation, home-schooling. All things that have become part of our new norm in the landscape of Covid-19.
A critical component for employers right now is ensuring they are taking proactive steps to support the well-being of their team.

Parental leave

This HR Guide provides a summary of parental leave requirements under the Fair Work Act 2009.

Maximum Weekly Hours

This eBook contains an in-depth overview of the maximum weekly hours under the National Employment Standards (NES) in the Fair Work Act (2009). Including topics; averaging ordinary hours of work and reasonable additional hours.

Managing Performance

This eBook contains an in-depth overview of how to address performance and/or conduct issues that has arisen with an employee. Including topics; on the job coaching, probationary periods, performance management objectives and process, understanding risk, considering termination, record keeping plus invaluable resources such as case studies and templates.

Employing Staff

This eBook contains an overview of key factors to consider if you are employing staff for the first time. Including topics; National Employment Standards (NES), Award/agreement coverage, payroll, pay as you go tax (PAYG), fringe benefit tax (FBT), superannuation and workers compensation.

Annual Leave

This eBook will help you understand everything you need to know about Annual Leave. Including topics; employee entitlements, annual leave loading, how to accrue for annual leave, payment of annual leave, taking annual leave, cashing out annual leave, directing employees to take annual leave and excessive leave management.

Work Experience, Internships and Trials

Employers looking to engage a student for work experience or an internship, or would like to place someone on a work trial, this eBook provides an overview of how to do this. Including; employer obligations, differences between work experience, internships and trials, whether payment is required and setting expectations.

Transfer of Business

This eBook provides all the information you need to know to ensure the rules contained in the Fair Work Act (2009) have been met when there has been a transfer of business. Including; when does a transfer of business occur, related entities, acceptance of employment, what entitlements transfer, plus more!

Termination of Employment

This eBook contains an in-depth overview of termination of employment under the Fair Work Act (2009). Includes all you need to know about dismissals, unfair dismissals and general protection claims (adverse action), minimum employment periods, Small Business Fair Work Dismissal Code, notice of termination requirements for employers, employees and Centrelink.


This eBook contains an in-depth overview of the redundancy provisions under the Fair Work Act (2009). A must read to understand all your employer obligations, including but not limited to; redundancy/severance payments, notice periods and payment in lieu of, unfair dismissal, redeployment, the redundancy process and important do’s and dont’s.


This eBook contains an overview of recruitment and recommended steps to follow. Includes, assessing the requirement to recruit, Australian working right checks, selection, what to do after you have selected the right candidate plus where to find additional resources.

Record Keeping and Payslips

This eBook contains an overview of the record keeping and payslip requirements outlined in the Fair Work Regulations. Including the specific information that must be retained for; employee records, pay records, payslips, averaging hours, leave, superannuation and transfer of business.

Position descriptions

This eBook contains all you need to know to help you develop Position Descriptions. Including; guides for writing styles and the basic information to be contained in a position descriptions, along with a position description template.

Personal, carers and compassionate leave

This eBook will help you understanding everything you need to know about Personal, Carer’s and Compassionate Leave. Including topics; employee entitlements and eligibility, paid and unpaid leave, notification and evidence, payment of leave, taking personal/carer’s and compassionate leave along with templates for a leave form and a leave policy.

Long Service Leave – NSW

This eBook contains an overview of the Long Service Leave (LSL) requirements in NSW. Including; employee entitlements, pro-rata long service leave, payment of long service leave, continuous service, transmission of business, taking long service leave, leave on termination and record keeping requirements.