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HR Outsourcing

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Your Virtual HR Team

For almost a decade, Liquid HR has been recognised as an industry leader in HR Outsourcing for small and medium sized businesses.

Our HR Outsourcing service is 100% onshore and specifically designed for businesses of 10 – 500 employees. A commercially effective option for businesses:

    • Looking to save approximately 50% on their current HR spend
    • Wanting access to IP, experts and systems usually reserved for ‘Big Business’
    • Seeking to remove the stress of managing an internal HR function.

With hundreds of businesses already using Liquid HR as their outsourcing partner, we invite you to explore the future of HR.



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Key questions to ask when considering outsourced Human Resources


What HR functions can the supplier support?

Is the supplier a full-service HR business or a specialist in a particular function? How will this affect your requirements – are you looking to outsource a portion of your human resources or the entire function?

How will the supplier integrate into your business?

What steps and ongoing commitment does the supplier provide to ensure that they are not simply a transactional partner with little insight into your business? Understand the support structure and how this aligns with your expectations.

What metrics and reports does the supplier provide?

Can the HR partner provide reporting metrics to identify key areas of HR support, usage of service and trends within your business? Will the supplier proactively advise your business on this basis?

Can the supplier demonstrate the advantage of outsourcing vs insourcing?

What real life examples can the supplier draw from to show the competitive advantage gained by outsourcing HR over employing an internal team?

How does the supplier differ from other HR outsourcing businesses?

What unique proposition does the supplier possess over its competitors and how would that benefit your business?