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What does 2019 have in store for HR?

As we embark on another year and many employees are returning to work, it is a great opportunity to plan for the year and develop your strategic HR objectives.

We’ve all heard the well-known saying, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” HR can easily be one of those functions in the business that becomes very reactive. Between recruitment, HR administrative functions, grievance resolution and day-to-day operations it’s easy to see how this can occur. However, progress only comes with focus and planning. So what does 2019 have in store?

HR Systems & Automation

2019 is likely to see an increased focus on HR systems and automation, allowing teams to streamline some of the time consuming administrative functions. HR Systems such as Employment Hero and FlareHR are becoming increasingly popular.

Recruitment of Exceptional Talent

Recruitment of exceptional talent will be at the forefront of many HR agendas with many organisations recognising the competitive advantage that comes from engaging great talent in the business. We have seen a shift in recruitment over the last few years, with HR moving to more of a Marketing function when it comes to recruitment. Organisations are focusing on developing a strong Employee Value Proposition to connect with employees in the market and outline why they should come and work for their company. Organisations leading in this space are investing significant time and money in proactive recruitment methods (such as approaching candidates directly via Linkedin and SEEK Talent Search), as well as building up a network of engaged candidates for when a role comes up. This is also being supported by various technology platforms such as Livehire – allowing organisations to build and maintain contact with a talent community.

Instilling Flexibility into the Workplace

Another area we will see in 2019 is an increased focus on instilling flexibility into the workplace. Employees are looking for employers who can support them in achieving their work-life balance. Work isn’t about the number of hours you work (e.g. the traditional 9-5), but rather an increased focus on the output achieved. Organisations leading in this space are giving employees autonomy to achieve their required output – allowing flexible hours and working from home. Great HR teams are leading the space in developing the framework around this. We have no doubt flexibility will continue to be one of the key attraction and retention drivers of 2019.

So take a moment to reflect on what your organisation wants to achieve this year in relation to your team. Set 3-4 overarching objectives around what you want to achieve and how you’re going to get there. Measure your progress and consistently review/adapt to your environment.

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