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Leadership Development and Coaching

"People leave managers not companies"

David Richard

Some say that leaders are born but Liquid HR believes that great leaders come from deliberate learning and consistent practice. One thing for sure is the positive impact effective leaders have on business performance.

Liquid HR’s blend of workshops and one-one leadership coaching ensures that behavioural change is embedded through ongoing learning and on the job practice.

We understand that every business is unique and we work collaboratively with you to develop a leadership program that addresses the development needs of your organisation.


Personal Discovery – The Road to Personal Growth

  • Building your self-awareness
  • Identifying your personal values & making decisions aligned with your values
  • Understanding your response and actions when your personal values are conflicted
  • Thinking about where you want to be – clarifying goals across all areas of your life (career, financial, personal relationships, physical health, community involvement, interests)
  • Challenging your perspective – how to be open to different views
  • Executing change – it is not enough to just be aware (looking beyond your comfort zone)
  • Looking in the mirror (excuses v responsibility)
  • How do you think others would describe you? How would you like others to describe you?

Inspirational Leadership

  • Insights from great leaders
  • Attributes of an inspiring leader
  • Confidence (self-awareness, doubt and self-belief)
  • Team alignment (the power of all working towards the same objectives)
  • Inspiring conversations
  • Celebrating success & learning from mistakes
  • The power of trust
  • Adaptation – understanding that leadership is not a set of principles you can apply to be inspirational. Adaptation is key

Leading For Growth

  • Understanding the root cause of poor performance
  • Seeking to understand, before being understood
  • Creating a two-way feedback culture
  • The purpose of giving feedback – considering what you are going to achieve by giving the feedback
  • Understanding the self-awareness gap
  • Understanding the reactions to feedback
  • Developing your team members – your role as a leader (creating opportunities, not obstacles)
  • Empowering employees
  • Holding difficult conversations
  • When performance conversations become formal – understanding the risks and steps

The Power of Communication

  • Connecting through experiences and communication
  • The difference between listening to respond and listening to understand
  • The art of determining when to speak and when to listen
  • The power of questions
  • Receiving and seeking feedback
  • Communication through tone, intention, body language
  • The role of empathy
  • The critical role of presence
  • Changing the outcome – from conflict to open discussions
  • Emotional Intelligence

Individual Leadership Coaching

Liquid HR’s leadership coaching is a collaborative relationship that helps your leaders to identify and eliminate any barriers that prevent them from reaching their full potential.

Our coaching encourages a systematic solution-focused process of setting goals, acting to ensure sustainable behavioural change and reflecting on new understandings, desired organisational results and long-term potential.

Our solution-focused approach to coaching has helped organisations to attract, retain and develop key talent, whilst contributing to organisational effectiveness and growth.




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