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Onboarding – Because You Only Get One Shot!

As an employer, your onboarding process is one of your most valuable tools of employee engagement and retention – but it is often the most overlooked. An effective onboarding process can help the new starter feel welcomed, engaged, and understand their role in the organisation. Research has shown that the first 18 months’ of a new job is crucial to determining if they will stay with the business or move on.

So, what are some key onboarding steps you can add to your existing process to ensure your employees are provided the tools they need to thrive?

Team Introductions

On the employee’s first day, it’s important that they are introduced to their team, especially the team members they will work with most closely. Scheduling time for each team member to introduce themselves, talk about their role, and how it interacts with the role of the new starter will help them to understand how they fit into the organisation.


In order to do the job, they need to know how! Training is an integral part of the onboarding process. After the employee has met the team and understands their role in the organisation, it’s time to start training them up. A good way to track this is with a checklist of the areas you want your employee to be familiar with.

Structured progress

There can be a lot to take in when you start a new role. Make sure nothing is missed by ensuring you have a plan or schedule for the new starter over the next few months. This should include people to meet, key company events, induction processes, expected progress/goals, and meetings with their manager.

Regular check-ins

Schedule regular check-ins with your new starter to ensure a clear channel of communication and set expectations. These check-ins should continue fortnightly for the first six months, after which they can be reduced to monthly. Whether it’s a new employee or a long timer, it’s important to make time to discuss the role and any concerns.
Once your employee is successfully onboarded and is settling in, you can start looking towards their development and future with the company.

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