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HR Advice Line

Direct Line to Expert HR Advice

Employment legislation and Modern Award interpretation can be a minefield for employers.  Liquid HR can provide regular employment relations advice over the telephone or HR support online.

Inclusions Lite Standard Premium
A dedicated team of three (3) HR professionals to advise and partner your business Up to 3 enquiries per month
Access to hundreds of Liquid HR templates, such as contracts, policies, forms, checklists
Immediate alerts and guidance on changes to workplace legislation that may affect your business
End-to-end management of workers compensation claims made by your staff
All advice covered by Liquid HR’s professional indemnity insurance
Complimentary Workplace Relations information package and guides, containing employer obligations
Representation if a Fairwork claim is made against your business
Annual HR review and plan
Option of onsite consulting with a 20% discount
HR compliance audit
Access to a state-of-the-art online compliance training system, consisting of key HR/WHS subjects
Access to online records management system to store your required employment documentation
An automated system with ability for employees to read and sign HR/WHS policies online


Award Coverage

What award covers my employees?

Performance Issues

We have an employee who is not meeting their role requirements, what should we do?


I have to make some staff redundant, what do I do and how much will I have to pay?


If we want to terminate an employee for serious misconduct, what do we have to do?

Wage Rates

What wages should I be paying my staff?


How many weeks of leave are my employees entitled to?

Contract provisions

We have an employee going to a competitor in the same role. Can we do anything about it?

Workers Compensation

An employee has hurt himself or herself at work, what do we need to do?


We have a bullying claim from an employee against another employee. What do we do to resolve the matter?


An employee has raised a grievance, what steps do we need to take now?

Work, Health and Safety

What are our obligations?

Workplace Policies

What policies do you recommend we put in place to manage risk in our business?

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