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A HR Audit is a great way to assess and improve the current HR practices and ensure your business is compliant with the Fair Work Act (2009).

It will identify strengths and weaknesses, but more importantly at the end of each audit, you will be presented with a comprehensive report outlining the review findings and recommendations for next steps.

Depending on your needs, Liquid HR offers a Compliance AuditPerformance Audit or Modern Award Audit.

Compliance Audit

Ensure your business is meeting its legal employment obligations

A HR Compliance Audit is an effective way of assessing your current alignment with workplace obligations.

It will ensure that you are compliant with the key provisions of the Fair Work Act 2009, mitigating risks associated with non-compliance.

Some of the areas covered include a comprehensive review of your employment contracts, award coverage and leave entitlements, workers compensation insurance, policies/procedures, employee records and payslips to determine accuracy and compliance.

The HR Compliance Audit will usually take 2 days to complete.

Performance Audit

Implement best practice HR in your business

A Performance Audit incorporates the Compliance Audit as well as an analysis of your current HR practices, including recruitment and selection, onboarding, managing performance, retention, learning and development and remuneration.

It allows you to benchmark your current HR practices in comparison to best practice.

The HR Performance Audit will usually take 4 days to complete.

Modern Award Audit

Clarifying your organisation’s coverage under the Modern Award system

A Modern Award Audit will help you determine the coverage, classification and subsequent pay rates and entitlements for your employees that are specific to your organisation.

Utilising a list of positions in your business and the position descriptions, we will work through the relevant information to ensure that your business is compliant and managing the risk of any underpayment of wages claims.

The length of the Modern Award Audit will be dependent on the number and complexity of the roles in your organisation.


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